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Who We Are

Breaking the Generational Cycle of Abuse

About Us

Domestic violence continues to shatter families here in America and across the world costing us over $1 Billion/ year in lost wages. One out of four women in your corporate/church organization has been impacted by these behaviors costing her upwards of $6,000/ year in counseling or medical expenses.

Founded in 2001, the faith based prevention and intervention work of TIME TO FLY FOUNDATION has been recognized from the White House, to the federal, state and local levels as an effective model in RESTORING the lives of those who’ve experienced dating/domestic abuse.  For National Domestic Violence Awareness month, the Governor of Virginia honored the Time to Fly Foundation with a Proclamation to recognize their “commitment to the preservation of peace in our communities and the protection of all citizens from violence.”

The faith based prevention and intervention training services and onsite childcare are provided FREE of charge to participants. Participant program expenses are covered by church, private, organization and small businesses.

We help women regain their lives by providing free...

Major Milestones

Our Milestones


  • Avg # of physical abuse per minute


  • DV hotline calls per day


  • DV crimes as a % of violent crimes


  • Cost of DV annually (mil)


  • WFAX
  • WAVA
  • Rita's
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