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I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27


We offer a FREE 3 Step program servicing up to 50 women and 15 children per quarter in the Northern VA, DC and MD areas.

Childcare is also provided during the workshops.

Step 1: Rebuilding her City Walls (2 hours)

During the Workshop you will learn:

  • The Roots of Domestic Violence
  • The Devastating Effects of Abuse
  • Why Women Don’t Speak Out
  • How to Begin Discovering God’s Plan for your Life
  • God’s Original Design for Marriage
  • Proven Steps to Healing Relationships
  • Available Resources for those in Need Desiring a Change

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Workshops are on summer hiatus.

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Step 2: Discovering the True You (10 weeks)

During the 10 week workshop, we will explore

  • How to Discover the True You!
  • How to Make Quality Choices
  • Keys to Learn Healthy Conflict Resolution Skills
  • How your Attitude Determines your Altitude
  • How to Resolve Anger, Bitterness and Resentment
  • Discovering a New Attitude

Step 3: After Care Program

A 1 year program to provide spiritual, emotional and practical needs including: life-skills workshops on financial management, nutrition, parenting, computer training, and access to referral networks for housing, childcare and employment assistance.


  • Avg # of physical abuse per minute


  • DV hotline calls per day


  • DV crimes as a % of violent crimes


  • Cost of DV annually (mil)


  • WFAX
  • WAVA
  • Rita's
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